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We Have Been In Your Shoes

In our experience, Agents and CSRs in most agencies cannot be insurance product experts in every line of insurance. Agencies tend to specialize in specific lines of insurance even though the agency owner and staff may have multiple licenses . For example, an Agency Owner/Agent with 2-20 (General Lines) and 2-18 (Life & Health) licenses may only want to concentrate on the 2-20 and sell personal lines auto & home products. Other 2-20 Agents may only want to specialize in commercial products. In doing so, those agencies and Agents are leaving money on the table.

Are You Leaving Money on the Table

At ASF-FL, we understand how difficult it is to specialize in all the insurance products you are license to sell. As a result, we have partnered with Agency Owners/Agents/CSRs and have developed a Referral Leads Program (RLP). RLP gives our members the ability to help existing clients and new prospects whenever they do not have a market or competitive price to do so themselves and still generate income.

Refer Leads & Quotes you can not sell to ASF-FL. Then, ASF-FL will sell those  quotes & leads to its members and share the revenues with you. The customers you refer must have an interest in getting insurance quotes to qualify.
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Our LEADS page is also a great resource for Agency Owners/Agents/CSRs to use when looking for other licensed insurance professionals to help existing clients and new prospects.

Good quotes & leads to refer to ASF-FL are insurance quote requests made by clients and prospects that:
– you or your agency can not beat their current rates or
– when you or your agency does not have a market for/specialize in the type of insurance product(s) needed

Refer your unsold lead & quotes today and start generating additional income for you or your agency.

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