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Refer Leads

What are you doing with quotes & leads you can’t sell?  Agency Solutions for Florida, Inc (ASF-FL) knows there are expenses incurred by Agencies/Agents/CSRs to generate leads and work quotes. If those efforts do not convert into sold policies, no income is generated and the result is a loss. Our Referral Leads Program is designed to help convert loss sales into gains. Refer your quotes & leads to ASF-FL and share in the revenues when sold to our Agents. Working together to help customers with their insurance needs, makes us all better.

Buy Leads

Do you need new prospects to quote? Agency Solutions for Florida, Inc (ASF-FL) has made it easy for its members to buy quality insurance leads for all types of insurance. This includes sales leads for: AUTO, HOME, LIFE, HEALTH and BUSINESS. Our members can customize their request for leads to fit their needs. Let’s say you want to develop a larger AUTO & HOME book of business. A very successful agency campaign has been to buy AUTO & HOME  x-Date/Renewal Leads information for potential prospects. At ASF-FL, you can buy x-Date/Renewal Leads information by Carrier, Zip Code and/or Renewal Date. In some cases, we can give you the prospects last known PREMIUM. All you have to do is Login to your account and visit the Shopping Cart.


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