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Our Experience Matters

It has been said that the best teacher is one who has experience doing. At ASF-FL, our staff has over 50 years of combined experience in building, growing, and managing insurance agencies. In other words, no matter what stage your insurance agency is in, we have been there.

Have you ever watched a golfer line up a putt with his caddie or hit the range with his coach? What about when a pitching coach comes to the mound to speak to the pitcher. If you are a tennis fan, the television cameras are constantly showing the players’ coaches in the stands. In every aspect of professional sports there is a coach that helps bring out the best in the athlete. Why shouldn’t your business have the same.

How We Do It

When we consult with our clients, we are looking at the business as a whole and then breaking it down into smaller parts to ensure that the agency is running at its fullest potential. For example, we will want to look at the insurance marketplace (the different carriers that you are writing business with). Do you have all of the appointments that are possible? What would it take for your agency to get appointed with another company? Of course your marketplace is only one aspect of your agency. We want to look at your staff and procedures that are in place. How is your agency set up? Does your sales professional also handle their own CSR work? Do you separate sales professionals by the type of insurance that they are selling? Do you have a specialist that only does auto and another that only does home? What are the checks and balances to ensure that all documents are uploaded in a timely fashion?

Protecting Your Agency

From a liability perspective, we are going to want to see what type of AMS system you are using. Is your staff properly documenting important calls and changes? How are you ensuring that your clients are fully covered?

Increased Production

On the sales sides, we will look at your retention ratios. Of course it should be every agency owner’s goal to have a 100% retention but that is just not viable. What about your cross-sell/multi-lines ratios? Are you leaving money on the table by not having all the necessary conversations with your clients?

These are just some of the benefits we provide to clients that we consult for. If you would like to hear more about ASF-FL’s consulting services, give us a call today. We will schedule a meeting to discuss your goals and needs. You will learn more about us and what we can do for you.

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