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Sales Leads

Are you looking to grow your agency? If so, its time to invest in our lead service and start buying leads. At ASF-FL, we understand how hard it is for Agents/CSRs to constantly find new prospects to quote. To help, we have made it easy for our members to buy quality insurance leads for all types of insurance. This includes sales and/or x-date leads for: AUTO, HOME, LIFE, HEALTH and BUSINESS. Our members are able to customize their leads to fit their needs.


Here is a successful campaign to increase quotes and improve sales. Invest in ASF-FL’s leads program and start buying x-Dates/Renewal Leads information for new prospects for AUTO and HOME. When purchased, ASF-FL will provide you with specific key information that will give you a competitive advantage. This information includes but is not limited to: CONTACT INFO, VEHICLE(s), COVERAGE, last known current CARRIER and RENEWAL DATE(s). In some cases, you will be given the prospects last known PREMIUM. With this information, you will be able to quote and re-quote as many prospects as you want. Then, implement a MAIL/EMAIL campaign which allows for your name and Agency to constantly live in the minds of all your prospects at determined moments of truth. These moments of truth can be tied to a renewal event, a known price increase with their current carrier, a competitive price advantage your carriers have over the prospects own carriers, etc.

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