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At ASF-FL, we are focused on helping agents and customer service representatives find their perfect job fit. We help agency staff employees find agencies that offer a compensation package that rewards them for their experience and results. If you are an agency owner, we are here to help you grow your agency. Do you need help with staffing? Do you need help converting your unsold quotes into additional revenues? If you are looking to expand your agency through purchase, we are here to help you find agencies that are for sale. On the other hand, if you are ready to retire, ASF-FL can help you find the right buyer for your agency.


ASF-FL was created by insurance professionals for insurance professionals. We are always excited to work with other insurance professional that are as passionate about the insurance industry as ourselves.


We have helped build agencies in Florida and have what we would consider no less than a stellar reputation. Our insurance professionals are trusted advisers. We are proud of the reputation that we have earned over the decades and would never do anything that could potentially put our trust in jeopardy with our family, friends, colleagues, community, or clients.