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Do you have a 2-20, 4-40, 2-14, 2-15 and/or 2-18 license in Florida?

Welcome to Agency Solutions for Florida (ASF-FL)

Agency Solutions for Florida, Inc.(ASF-FL) is a networking service for Agency Owners, Agents & Customer Service Representatives.
At ASF-FL, we help
Agents/CSRs Find Jobs, Agency Owners – Find Employees, and Agents/Agency Owners/CSRs – Find Leads.  Our focus is always on our members: Agency Owners Agents Customer Service Representatives.

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Agency Owners

Are you having trouble finding employees? If so, take advantage of Agency Solutions for Florida (ASF-FL) direct hire program and have us help you fill those job openings in your agencies with qualified licensed Agents and CSRs . Simply send us the job duties and requirements you need and our staffing professionals will contact you with resumes to review. Only interview the ones you want and choose your next employee from the thousands of Agents/CSRs in our network.
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What are you doing with the quotes and leads you can’t sell? Far too many times, Agents & CSRs will not sell policies because: (a) they are not appointed with the carriers they need to beat the clients’ current rates or (b) they do not specialize in the type of insurance products needed. In those cases, don’t throw away your unsold quotes and let ASF-FL help you convert them today into CASH.

Do you want another source of income? If so, its time for Agents and CSRs to take advantage of our Referral Leads Program (RLP) that is built to put money in your pockets. With RLP, you will refer quotes and leads you can’t close or handle to ASF-FL and we will help you convert those leads into cash. Once your quotes and leads are sold to Agents within our network, you will share in the revenues. Your referral customers must have an interest in getting insurance quotes to qualify.

Do you need more prospects and sales? As an ASF-FL member, you are able to participate in our leads program and Buy Leads. Our Sales Leads databases are filled with prospects in need of insurance quotes. In addition to Sales Leads, we have built AUTO and HOME x-Date/Renewal databases with specific quoting data to include when available the last known Carrier and Premium. You can now target your prospects based on: Carrier, Zip Code and/or Renewal Date. Have a plan specific to the number of quotes a day you want to work and only buy those you need. Start investing now in LEADS and x-DATES and watch your sales and income grow.
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Do you need help finding a job? … Or are you currently employed but not happy? If so, let the staffing professionals at Agency Solutions for Florida (ASF-FL) help you find that perfect job fit. You can choose from any of the job openings we have posted on our Search Jobs tab or Create your Perfect Job. Our create your “perfect job” tool allows our Agents/CSRs to share with us their specific job requirement needs, to include; desired work schedules, job duties, salary and any other compensation benefits they require.
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ASF-FL Services

With the help of our insurance professional partners, ASF-FL’s services are designed to:
– Help Agency Owners/Agents Find Leads
– Help Agency Owners Find Employees
– Help Agents/CSRs Find Jobs
– Help Agent buyers & sellers with Agencies for Sale

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Are you an insurance professional? Learn more about how we help the best Customer Service Representatives  and Insurance Agents find an agency that fits their experience, expertise, and professional desires. We have several features from a job placement service to a create your dream position. Our vast knowledge of the insurance industry will help you find the perfect fit that is customized to your unique qualifications and desires.

Agency Owners

Learn more about what Agency Solutions can do for your insurance agency. From finding you the cream of the crop insurance professionals to listing your agency for sale; from finding the right agency for you to purchase to consulting for your current agency. We have over 50 years of combined experience and can help you grow. Regardless if your agency is captive or if it is an independent agency, the services that we provide can help you reach your ultimate goals. 

Job Search

With over 50 years of combined experience in the insurance arena, top tier agencies list their openings with us. They know that we help match the best insurance professionals with the best agencies. Click here to search our current job openings. If you don’t see anything that fits your current desires, please see our original “Create Your Perfect Job” page. Here you will be able to specify what is your ideal position, then our staff will search far and wide to find the perfect fit for you.

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